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    Untold_ was recognized by Apertura magazine as one of “The Best Employers in Argentina”


    This year the regional and integrated ecosystem of creative and communication professionals made its way into the annual ranking carried out by the business magazine, placing #31 in the category of companies with fewer than 200 employees in Argentina.

    The “Best Employers” special has been held by Apertura continuously in the country for approximately 15 years to highlight companies that offer better benefits and employment policies.

    Untold_ shares this distinction with leading talent management companies such as Microsoft, 3M, Motorola, Bristol-Myers, Visa, Shell, Intel, Amway, Whirlpool, and Staples among others, distinguishing itself as the only communication ecosystem in said ranking.

    “We are happy with this recognition, which in turn reaffirms one of the foundations on which Untold_ was created: that professionals today are looking for a dynamic, horizontal working environment that offers possibilities to develop their potential,” said Ana Meszaros, Chief Talent Officer at Untold_.

    Under the premise that “the best conditions attract the best professionals”, Untold_ is committed to continuing to innovate in the human resources department.