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    Santiago Lacase joins the Fundación Voz Board of Directors


    The Fundación Voz has announced the formation of a Board of Directors to support its efforts to “Transform Secondary School”, a historic challenge for Argentina that is seeking to revolutionize the secondary school system, involving different initiatives ranging from encouraging closer bonds between schools and their local neighborhoods and communities to monitoring how students are performing, among others.

    With the goals of providing a strategic vision, strengthening the organization’s civil impact, planning a sustainability strategy and improving the real impact of the projects implemented, the Foundation has created a Board of Directors made up of María Cherñajovsky (CHER), Pedro Arnt (Mercado Libre), Santiago Lacase (Ágora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications), Nancy Montes (OEI-FLACSO), Martín Kweller (Endemol), Diego Pando (Digital House), Sergio Kaufman (Accenture) and Martín de La Rocca (Estudio de La Rocca).

    The Fundación Voz for the Development of Public Policies in Education is “a civil organization whose identity is defined by a team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. Their talents will help the team move beyond conceptual thinking to make a real everyday impact on people’s lives. The initiative was conceived by María Cherñajovsky, an Argentinian businesswoman dedicated to innovative clothing design who is determined to keep the Transform Secondary School program moving forward.”