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    Untold_ strengthens its presence in Colombia with the arrival of Fogdog


    Fogdog, the strategic thinking arm of the Untold_ ecosystem, has joined The Juju and Ágora in Colombia to work with customers on the development of ideas that have a real impact on their businesses, brand construction and communications.

    The agency is run in Colombia by Adriana Pineda, a renowned specialist incommunications, creativity and innovation in communications and marketing. She will offer clients strategies and methodologies that can help them to tell new stories, innovate, become more relevant, generate new business and strengthen their value among consumers and audiences.

    Fogdog is the third company in the Untold_ network to arrive in Colombia after the recent re-launch of the independent advertising agency The Juju and the public affairs agency Ágora, which has been in the country for over two years.

    The Untold_ ecosystem has a presence in the markets of Miami, Mexico City, Bogotá,Medellín and Buenos Aires.