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    Cecilia Vallini joins Untold_ as Integration Director

    She joins Untold as Integration Director with the challenge of developing and leading innovation and collaboration processes between different areas of the ecosystem regionally. With a degree in Philosophy and Event Management, Cecilia has 15…


    Patrícia Ávila joins Untold_ as Ágora´s Regional Director

    With extensive experience in integrated communications, branding and crisis management, Patrícia Ávila assumes the leadership of Ágora in Latin America to drive the integration and growth of the agency by ensuring the connection of brands…


    Quiddity Wagers on Colombia with the Help of Ana Maria Sevillano

    Sevillano will focus on growing Quiddity in Colombia, bringing her expertise in market research, strategy and creativity as well as a holistic vision of the solutions the agency provides its clients. With more than ten…


    Paula Rodriguez joins Untold_ as Communication & Reputation Director

    Rodriguez brings a strategic approach that will contribute to the positioning, visibility and reputation of Untold_ as well as the ecosystem of all its agencies. She will take on the challenge of strengthening the culture…


    Untold_ is one of the Best Employers 2023 in Argentina according to Apertura Magazine.

    The ecosystem of communication professionals led by Darío Straschnoy was ranked #25 in the annual ranking of the business magazine. For more than 16 years, Apertura magazine has been highlighting the companies that offer the…


    Guillermo Bonmati Joins Woods & Trees as Partner and Managing Director

    Guillermo Bonmati has come on board as Woods & Trees partner and Managing Director for Argentina and Chile, where he will lead and expand the firm’s media division.   Mr. Bonmati has over 20 years’ experience…


    Untold_ Launches in Central America and the Caribbean

    Untold_ is launching in Central America and the Caribbean, with a focus on Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador. The ecosystem sees this as a strategic area where its integrated services will stand out…

    Jorge Ramirez

    Untold_ Expands its Presence in the United States

    We are taking a bold step forward in the United States where we believe the multicultural segment is a big area of opportunity that will further drive growth. As part of its expansion, Jorge Ramirez…


    Fabio Zambeli Joins Untold_ as VP and Ágora Partner

    Mr. Zambeli has over 30 years’ experience working in the sphere of politics. During the coverage of Brazil’s last presidential elections, he oversaw the team of analysts working on the JOTA platform, which monitors the…


    Dario Straschnoy in Diario Perfil: “The challenge is to speak to the public about what matters to them, about what they think and feel”.

    The CEO & Founder of Untold_ was interviewed by Diario Perfil, where he analyzed the challenges of the world of communication and advertising and highlighted the importance of information in an increasingly integrated planet. In…


    Darío Straschnoy, CEO of Untold_, was recognized for his long-standing career

    Darío Straschnoy, leader of Untold_, was honored for his successful career in the industry and is now part of the exclusive list of members of the Effie Argentina Hall of Fame. The tribute took place…


    Quiddity holds its first regional meeting in Buenos Aires

    Our regional research team met in Buenos Aires, with representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico who came together to strengthen ties, share ideas and generate new projects. The meeting provided an opportunity to rethink…


    Fogdog Launches in Brazil

    Fogdog is launching in Brazil under the lead of Lucas Baranzelli. Mr. Baranzelli is known for innovation in communications, marketing and digital transformation, with more than 12 years’ experience at agencies like Leo Burnett BA,…


    Agora looks to the future

    Ágora’s regional team met with the local leaders of Untold_ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the agency’s second regional meeting in 2022. They discussed the consolidation of operations in their markets and defined the…


    The Juju anticipates 2023

    After a successful year, the regional leaders of The Juju met in the Argentine Province of Mendoza to share the objectives achieved the past year and the goals for 2023 for each country.

    mejores empleadores 2022

    Untold_ is one of the best employers of 2022 in Argentina according to Revista Apertura

    The ecosystem of creativity and communication professionals was ranked #23 in the annual ranking of the Argentine business magazine. This recognition places Untold_ three positions higher than the previous year, sharing the category with companies…


    Quiddity comes to Bogotá

    Quiddity, the research agency that is part of the Untold ecosystem, comes to Colombia to be closer to Colombian clients and professionals. Leading the agency is Constanza Segura, a professional with a long track record…


    Ágora recognized as the fastest growing public relations agency in Latin America

    According to the ranking prepared by PRovoke Media, Ágora is the first Latin agency in the “FastMovers” 2022 ranking of PRovoke Media’s Global PR Agency, with a growth of more than 49%.

    Actionline team

    Actionline was chosen as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil by Great Place to Work

    Actionline, a results-oriented sales and CX company from the Untold_ ecosystem, was certified by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil. The Great Place to Work Certification…


    FogDog lands in Mexico

    FogDog, the strategy agency part of the Untold ecosystem, is disembarking in Mexico to bring its innovative strategies to clients, developing everything from brand building to comprehensive communication. In Mexico, the agency will be run…


    Untold_ relaunches its media unit under the name Woods & Trees

    As part of its transformation, the media company has changed its name to Woods & Trees. The company is led by Agustina Militerno in Argentina, Vladimir Tiuso in Colombia and Andrés Briceño in Peru, and…


    The Juju Argentina among the 12 best independent agencies in Ibero-America

    The Juju Argentina obtained the 12th position in the Ranking of Best Independent Agencies in Ibero-America in 2021 developed by El Ojo de Iberoamérica.


    Untold_ was once again distinguished by Apertura as one of The Best Employers of 2021

    The ecosystem, which includes creativity and communication professionals, has once again made it into the annual ranking of the Argentine business magazine, in position #26.   This recognition places Untold_ five positions higher than in…


    Untold_ appoints Alfredo Confalonieri as Senior VP

    Alfredo will work together with Darío Straschnoy, CEO & Founder of Untold_, with the goal of continuing to develop the ecosystem. “It makes me very happy to join a team like Untold_, which seeks challenges…

    Andrés Briceño

    Untold_ opens its Peru office spearheaded by Andrés Briceño

    Untold_ announces its arrival in Peru with the opening of The Juju and Untold_ Media, their creativity and media agencies. Both will be led by Andrés Briceño. Andrés will undertake this challenge with his more…

    Rebeca Gharibian

    Rebeca Gharibian joins Untold_ to lead the ecosystem research area in Brazil

    Rebeca has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Market Research; her international career spans work in different regions such as Europe, Asia and Latin America. “Our goal is to generate insights that…


    Untold_ appoints Rogelio Blanco as Strategic Communication Director

    Rogelio joins to lead the Mexican Strategic Communication team and strengthen the presence in this market, backed by his experience. “I am very excited about teaming up with an outstanding group of professionals, who are…


    Thorugh the addition of Business Analytics, Actionline registered a growth of over 120% in its operations

    Actionline recorded a growth of 124% in its sales operations, in the months from January to October of this year. The result was achieved thanks to the addition of Business Analytics and CRM services offered…

    Humberto Polar

    Humberto Polar joins Untold_ as Creative Director of Mexico

    Humberto will bring experience, leadership, vision, and human quality to further consolidate The Juju’s business in Mexico and to boost relevant creative content both in the Mexican market and in the region. “I love being…


    Actionline continues to grow and opens new offices in Brazil

    The intelligent contacts company of the Untold_ ecosystem celebrated the opening of its new offices located on Avenida São João, at the heart of São Paulo. This innovative 3,500 m2 modern space with state-of-the-art technology…

    Untold_ reconocido por la revista Apertura como uno de “Los Mejores Empleadores de la Argentina”

    Untold_ was recognized by Apertura magazine as one of “The Best Employers in Argentina”

    This year the regional and integrated ecosystem of creative and communication professionals made its way into the annual ranking carried out by the business magazine, placing #31 in the category of companies with fewer than…

    Vladimir Tiuso

    Untold_ appointed Vladimir Tiuso as Media Director for Colombia

    The group’s new media agency is consolidated in Colombia with the arrival of the executive. Last June, Untold_ Media launched its operations in Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Mexico City, with recognized professionals specialized in digital…

    Darío Straschnoy, Nicolás Zarlenga, Federico Plaza Montero

    Nicolás Zarlenga and Federico Plaza Montero join Untold_ as Creative Directors

    Untold_ welcomes Nicolás Zarlenga and Federico Plaza Montero as Creative Directors based in Buenos Aires. Throughout their career of more than 10 years, Federico and Nicolás have received awards in several festivals, such as Cannes, D&AD,…


    Untold_ appoints Gabriel Capra as Head of Data Science

    The regional communications collective founded by Darío Straschnoy, appoints Gabriel Capra as Head of Data Science. The new Director has more than 15 years of experience in executive roles related to data analysis applied to decision…

    Victoria Salguero

    Untold_ appoints Victoria Salguero as Director for Mexico

    The regional communication ecosystem founded by Darío Straschnoy appoints Victoria Salguero as new director for Mexico. Victoria will be in charge of boosting the development of projects of the entire network in that country in…

    Veronica Rodriguez Celin

    Verónica Rodríguez Celín, New Director of Quiddity

    Quiddity, the research + Big Data agency, announces the arrival of Verónica Rodríguez Celín as the new Director for Argentina. Verónica will be in charge of leading the team and their projects with the objective of…


    Regional Contents and Strategies, The Juju and Fogdog’s 2020 Proposal

    The Juju, the independent advertising agency and Fogdog Estrategia, both part of Untold_’s ecosystem, held their first regional meeting in Buenos Aires in anticipation of 2020, with the goal of strengthening regional growth with the…

    Everton Schultz

    Agora consolidates its position in Latin America with a move into Brazil

    Ágora Strategic Communications & Public Affairs announces the arrival of Everton Schultz as a new partner and President of the Brazil office. The executive will bring his experience of more than 20 years working in the…

    Adriana Pineda

    Untold_ strengthens its presence in Colombia with the arrival of Fogdog

    Fogdog, the strategic thinking arm of the Untold_ ecosystem, has joined The Juju and Ágora in Colombia to work with customers on the development of ideas that have a real impact on their businesses, brand…

    Team Actionline

    Untold_ adds Actionline to its ecosystem and expands into Brazil

    Untold_ is expanding into the Brazilian market and strengthening its presence in Latin America by adding Actionline, a company that will offer a greater array of data analysis services and implementation of public relations campaigns within…

    Juan Pablo Rocha y Andrés Norato

    The Juju, a member of the Untold_ ecosystem, arrives in Colombia

    Untold_ has opened a new office for The Juju in Bogotá, Colombia to develop and implement ideas and strategies for all formats. The Juju is led at regional level by Darío Straschnoy while its Director of…


    Untold Expands into Europe and the United States with its Regional Public Affairs Firm Agora

    The Untold_ communications ecosystem, founded by Dario Straschnoy, is expanding into Europe through its public affairs division Agora and a strategic alliance with BOLDT, IBEX Partners and the Summit Strategy Group. It will also offer…

    Agora + KYNE

    Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications announces a strategic partnership with KYNE for Latin America

    Agora, the regional consultancy specializing in public affairs and strategic communications, part of the Untold_ ecosystem, announces a strategic partnership with KYNE, a global agency specialized in healthcare communications dedicated to helping to improve and…

    Omar Aponte

    Agora, a part of the Untold_ ecosystem, opens a new office in Medellín

    Untold_ is to open a new Agora office in Medellín, from where it will offer comprehensive communications services to regional, national, Latin American and multinational companies based in Antioquia. Agora will provide local consultancy services…


    Santiago Lacase, President of Agora Public Affairs, receives the Eikon Award for Best Professional Communicator of the Year

    Every year, Revista Imagen holds the Eikon Award Ceremony on 25 October. The honours recognize the best communications campaigns for the previous year in different categories and also name the best general and professional communicator…


    Untold_ presents a regional study of the public’s perceptions of the relationship between the State and the Productive Sectors in Bogotá

    On 1 August, in Bogotá, Untold_ presented its first regional study of citizens’ perceptions of the relationship between the state and the productive sectors. Leading the event were Ricardo Ávila Pinto, Director of the Portafolio…


    Santiago Lacase joins the Fundación Voz Board of Directors

    The Fundación Voz has announced the formation of a Board of Directors to support its efforts to “Transform Secondary School”, a historic challenge for Argentina that is seeking to revolutionize the secondary school system, involving…