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    Data + Strategy + Content, Untold_’s new concept for the digital world

    The communications ecosystem created by Darío Straschnoy presents a new company to be led by Agustina Benedit (Data), Matias Asencio (Strategy) and Seto Olivieri along with Sebastián Zuddio and Alejandro Stea (Content). Explaining the new…

    Agora + KYNE

    Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications announces a strategic partnership with KYNE for Latin America

    Agora, the regional consultancy specializing in public affairs and strategic communications, part of the Untold_ ecosystem, announces a strategic partnership with KYNE, a global agency specialized in healthcare communications dedicated to helping to improve and…


    Untold_ consolidates its presence in Latin America by opening a new Agora office in Mexico

    Untold_  announces the opening of an new office by Agora, its public affairs and strategic communications consultancy, in Mexico. With its first office in the country, the Untold_ communications ecosystem is consolidating the work it…

    Omar Aponte

    Agora, a part of the Untold_ ecosystem, opens a new office in Medellín

    Untold_ is to open a new Agora office in Medellín, from where it will offer comprehensive communications services to regional, national, Latin American and multinational companies based in Antioquia. Agora will provide local consultancy services…


    Matias Asencio comes to Fogdog

    Matias Asencio has joined the strategic consultancy Fogdog, which forms a part of Untold_. Regarding the role, he says: “The premise is simple but ambitious. We want to make Fogdog a leader in strategic thinking…


    Alejandro Álvarez appointed the new Business Director of Untold_

    Alejandro Álvarez is to join Untold_ as Business Director, working together with Darío Straschnoy to develop the group. Alejandro’s role will be focused on innovation at a regional level and especially on enhancing the digital…


    Santiago Lacase, President of Agora Public Affairs, receives the Eikon Award for Best Professional Communicator of the Year

    Every year, Revista Imagen holds the Eikon Award Ceremony on 25 October. The honours recognize the best communications campaigns for the previous year in different categories and also name the best general and professional communicator…


    Untold_ presents a regional study of the public’s perceptions of the relationship between the State and the Productive Sectors in Bogotá

    On 1 August, in Bogotá, Untold_ presented its first regional study of citizens’ perceptions of the relationship between the state and the productive sectors. Leading the event were Ricardo Ávila Pinto, Director of the Portafolio…


    Santiago Lacase joins the Fundación Voz Board of Directors

    The Fundación Voz has announced the formation of a Board of Directors to support its efforts to “Transform Secondary School”, a historic challenge for Argentina that is seeking to revolutionize the secondary school system, involving…


    “The Key to Regional Positioning” an article by Pablo Lezama in La Nación newspaper

    On 24 June, Pablo Lezama, CEO of Fogdog, Untold_’s strategic consultation arm, published an article in the La Nación newspaper in Argentina about the keys to the brand positioning of a location and the different…


    La Nación Publishes a Regional Study of Corporate Reputation and Regulations Prepared by Quiddity

    On 11 June, the Argentine newspaper La Nación published an article on a regional study on “Corporate reputation and regulations in the region” carried out by Quiddity, Untold_’s research arm. The study, which focused on…


    Agora Brazil organizes the debate “Businesses and Governments: Paths Towards a Transparent Relationship”

    On 7 June, the team at Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications Brazil organized a debate in Sao Paulo entitled “Business and government: paths towards a transparent relationship”, in which the main challenges facing companies…


    Introducing Untold_

    We are pleased to introduce Untold_, the ecosystem of creative and communications professionals that Darío Straschnoy started to build in early 2014. With offices in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota and Miami and almost 50…


    The First Regional Meeting of Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications Has Been Held in Buenos Aires

    On the 6th and 7th of February, the first regional meeting of Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications was held in Buenos Aires. Representatives of the offices in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil all took part…

    María Eugenia Sampalione

    Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications Adds María Eugenia Sampalione to Its Senior Team

    The regional Public Affairs and Strategic Communication Agency with offices in Bogotá, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires has added María Eugenia Sampalione, a political scientist with over 20 years’ experience advising leaders and companies on…


    A New Agency with a Presence Throughout Latin America Enters the Brazilian Market

    Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications, a Latin American consultancy that combines different services including strategic communications, public affairs and research, has just opened its first office in Brazil. Based in Sao Paulo, its partners…


    Ab Inbev Chooses Carlos y Darío

    AB InBev has chosen Carlos y Darío to handle all the communications for the leading beer brand in the Bolivian market: Paceña. Carlos y Darío will work together with the local agency Oxigena in La…