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  • Untold Cases

    Brand PR - Creativity

    The wine that left its mark

    Our creative teams and Brand PR & Advocacy agencies working closely on a campaign that racked up views on social media and sparked organic interest in traditional media outlets.

    Chevrolet Argentina

    Overcoming gender barriers behind the wheel

    Considering only 2 out of 10 people who drive are women, we set out to explore and learn more about perceptions and tensions related to driving a vehicle and its relationship with gender roles.

    Strategic Communications - Brand PR

    Relaunching boxed wine

    Wine is one of Argentina's most widely-consumed products, and the supply of boxed wine is increasing all the time. However, unlike in other countries, in Argentina, there are prejudices about the quality and origin of boxed wine.

    Creativity - Strategy

    College loans with a sense of humor

    Pravaler needed to create awareness for its services during the summer break in Brazil, a time when the main admission exams are taken for national universities and students get ready to start their higher education.

    Creativity - Strategy - Media - Public Affairs

    Reminding the Brazilian population to pay attention to cholesterol levels

    Novartis needed to convince the Brazilian population who had had a heart attack or a stroke to watch their bad cholesterol (LDL) level to avoid cardiovascular complications.

    Media - Data
    KRAFTON / PUBG Corporation

    Increase engagement in early registration

    For the launch of the new game PUBG: New State, we created an early registration campaign.


    Build a more equitable city

    On International Women's Day, we wanted to make a contribution but from a purpose that moves us as a company: to make cities a better place to live.

    Strategic Communications

    Serving the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic

    The imposition of social, preventive and mandatory isolation to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus created both an opportunity and a challenge to position Glovo in Argentina, as these distributors had to fulfil the platform's value proposal while taking on a fundamental role in the domestic management of the epidemiological crisis in their role as corporate citizens.

    Data - CRM
    One of Brasil's largest retail companies

    Accelerating results by using data intelligence for customer relations

    In today's retail segment, one of the great challenges is how to promote a product or service that everyone already has.

    Creativity - Strategy - Brand PR - Strategic Communications

    Underscoring the role of women in science during the COVID-19 pandemic

    L'Oréal needed to publicize its L'Oréal-UNESCO “For Women in Science” National Award within a context of limited activities and based on a media agenda marked by a single theme: the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Public Affairs
    Astellas Pharma

    Positioning a pharmaceutical company as a partner in the public health agenda

    The challenge in terms of public affairs was introducing Astellas pharma to policymakers and decision-makers at the technical and operational levels in order to build institutional trust. 

    El mundo está al revés
    Creativity - Media
    Red Cross

    Supporting health professionals

    We joined the Colombian Red Cross in addressing the challenge of raising awareness among the Colombian people, for them to understand that rejecting medical professionals is not only wrong, it is also a threat to public health. This was a major challenge with a low budget, and had to reach the population in just a few weeks. 

    Data - Creativity - Strategic Communications

    Broadening brand conversations on innovation and sustainability

    Neoenergia, one of the leaders in the Brazilian electricity sector, tasked Untold with reinforcing the brand’s pillars through a communications solution that broadened the company’s conversation with its diverse audiences.

    Data - CRM
    Telecommunications company

    Finding the best future clients

    Our challenge with the “New Customer Acquisition” project was to increase the capture of new clients for the Postpaid mobile product, with a strategic focus on the prospect’s quality and lifetime value.

    Untold Capabilities
    Creativity - Strategy

    Reconquering buyers and attracting new ones

    In 2019, Skip, a leading laundry detergent brand, was launching its new washing powder: Skip Evolution. This was a product with the highest technology seeking to innovate within the category, reconquering buyers that were migrating to other brands and attracting new consumers.

    Creativity - Strategy

    Supporting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, many small businesses were impacted by a strict lockdown which forced them to close their doors. Many of these businesses are key pieces for the distribution of products and sales of our client Colombina, which aims to deliver the best taste through their products.

    Fogdog jóvenes
    Research - Strategy

    Understanding the different Argentine youths

    The National Institute of Youth of Argentina needed to understand the always elusive and indecipherable youths of the country in order to develop strategic work lines.

    BonBonBum Challenge
    Creativity - Strategy

    Making a product bought on the street comfortable at home

    How to attract Bon Bon Bum's teenage consumers to order home the product they used to buy on the streets, amidst a lockdown that has changed everyone's lifestyle?