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  • College loans with a sense of humor



    Raising awareness for PRAVALER during the Brazilian summer break, a time when the main admission exams are taken for national universities and students get ready to start their higher education.
    The protagonist of the video was the comedian João Seu Pimenta, who as an ambassador of the campaign appeared in real-life situations to present Pravaler as an uncomplicated solution for the characters.


    We created a creative multimedia campaign with an optimistic, joyful, energetic and straightforward tone. The claim “You thought of studying, you thought of Pravaler” presents the company to the audience as a facilitator of those who dream. It shows that access to education can be a reality for everyone and the key to a brighter, more equal future for all.


    We reached a younger audience, using a tone of voice faithful to the brand all while showing the heart of the company, based on the formula EDUCATION + FINANCIAL SOLUTION = TRANSFORMATION.