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  • Understanding the different Argentine youths



    Developing data-based public policies is the goal of every modern State in the 21st century, also it is communicating them effectively.

    Our challenge was to help the National Government understand the always elusive and indecipherable youths of the country in order to develop strategic work lines for The National Institute of Youth Argentina and the Ministry of Social Development.
    We talked to young people throughout Argentina by means of mixed techniques and the assessment of a large, federal sample, achieving a deep insight into the different youths living in the country.


    We worked to understand Argentinean youths in-depth and develop strategic guidelines for communicating effective public policies.

    We also compared the answers provided by the youths to those of the adults in order to assess the generational gap.

    We talked with these young people about everything: Their generation, their sensitivity, feminism, gender, the truth, politics, voting, the State, education, economy, health, work, their experiences, adults, the neighborhood, the surroundings, self-discovery, experimentation, taboos, sexuality, diversity, bullying, depression, suicide, gender-based violence and consumerism.


    We discovered there isn't just one youth but many youths. The socioeconomic level, the age and having children radicalize youth's experiences.

    They value experience, they are open and unprejudiced. For them, being able to change their opinion is a positive value. They're traversed by feminism as a way of thinking.