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    Making a product bought on the street comfortable at home


    How to attract Bon Bon Bum’s teenage consumers to order home the product they used to buy on the streets, amidst a lockdown that has changed everyone’s lifestyle?

    We decided to use TikTok, the most popular social media among teenagers, but the most challenging in production terms. This social media network has grown the most during the lockdown, achieving more than 28 million users.
    In order to participate in this network with a really striking format true to its nature, we created the #BonBonBumChallenge, which included an original reggaeton song that was organically planted through a group of content creators and several influencers.

    In just a week, we achieved more than 5.5 million views with the #BonBonBumChallenge hashtag. Tiktok users generated more than 2,000 videos and there were almost 1 million likes and comments. There were also some celebrities that accepted the challenge, which reached other social media, like Instagram, and more than 10 countries in the region.