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    Reconquering buyers and attracting new ones


    In 2019, Skip, a leading laundry detergent brand, was launching its new washing powder: Skip Evolution. This was a product with the highest technology seeking to innovate within the category, reconquering buyers that were migrating to other brands and attracting new consumers.

    In previous years, the brand had started to lose the emotional bond that some time ago had achieved with its consumers.

    We had three great challenges:

    • Communicating the new launch.
    • Educating on the proper use of the new product.
    • Emotionally reconnecting with the consumers and reinforcing the brand value.

    The chosen strategy was to transform the technological evolution of the product into an evolution in every direction.

    Historically, the brand has always had a clear message: Skip loves clothes as much as it loves its consumers, thus, it protects clothes in the best possible way. For the release of this product, the strategy was to bring the brand’s love for clothes to the next level – to a more wide and updated comprehension that leaves behind the classic fashion approach and stereotypes and takes clothes as an expression of identity.

    So, we implemented a holistic campaign that inspired to and connected with the different targets through messages that echoed modernity, inclusion and technology.

    What could have been a product release campaign became a total evolution of the brand; evolving both its brand purpose and the way of communicating other products in the future.

    As a result, we generated high participation in the short and long term, impacting both in the brand’s perception and health and in the knowledge and the sales of the new product.

    We reached 8.7 million people and were a trending topic on Twitter. All the competitive advantages increased significantly for the emotional and functional features, such as Quality, Appeal, Different, Performance, Recommendation, Higher Performance vs Competitors, Best in care of clothes, Laundry Expert, Understand the importance of clothes to me, Love; which lead to an improvement in the power of the brand.

    The impact had positive results even in terms of product recommendation and purchase intention, aligned with the high satisfaction levels created by Skip: 97% recommends it and 94% would buy it again.