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  • Underscoring the role of women in science during the COVID-19 pandemic



    Every year, L’Oréal rewards women scientists for their achievements, in order to highlight the contribution they make to scientific advancement and to help them thrive in an adverse context.
    L'Oréal needed to publicize its L'Oréal-UNESCO “For Women in Science”  National Award within a context of limited activities and based on a media agenda marked by a single theme: the COVID-19 pandemic.


    The strategy developed by our Brand PR team consisted of 3 stages: Warm Up, Communication and Awards Campaign

    On the social media platforms of L'Oreal Argentina, the warm-up stage aimed at increasing the visibility of the 11 winning scientists from previous editions who had led or participated in initiatives to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We also organized a massive communication campaign on traditional media to complement and enhance the process. We also officially launched the invitation to participate in the contest.

    We carried out a disruptive advertising campaign with audiovisual, press, public and digital pieces aimed at capturing the interest of society and calling attention to the issue of gender inequality in the scientific field. Based on figures and conclusive results from a study conducted by CIPPEC, we implemented a bold approach by using the word “STEREOTYPES” to show the situations that many women scientists face in their professional lives. The ultimate goal was to show the obstacles that girls, teenagers and women face while studying scientific careers, or when attempting to thrive in the field of science.

    Finally, on November 13, the virtual ceremony was held, featuring the participation of the most relevant media in the country, the scientific community and authorities and executives of the firm.


    4.1 million
    2.7 million
    In a year marked by the pandemic, we were able to disrupt the agenda and obtained unique results. The PR results, both in terms of turnout and media repercussions, allowed us to reach a massive audience. On social media, we managed to get important representatives to join the conversation, including the Minister of Science and Technology of the country.
    Along with a comprehensive press strategy and a disruptive communication campaign, we managed to connect L'Oréal's DNA with the fight for gender equality, while promoting and stimulating the participation of women in science.