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  • Supporting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic



    During the Covid-19 pandemic, many small businesses were impacted by a strict lockdown which forced them to close their doors. Many of these businesses are part of the distribution and sales network of our client Colombina.
    The challenge was to deliver encouragement and hope to these businesses in the most difficult times. We also wanted to urge people to remember them and be prepared to support them once they can reopen their doors.


    The name of the bulk of the businesses most affected by the pandemic in Colombia end with a special syllable which, in spite of its few letters, means a lot: -RÍA (in English, "smile"): Ferretería (hardware store), Heladería (ice-cream parlor), Carnicería (butcher shop), Dulcería (candy store), Charcutería (delicatessen), etc.

    This syllable not only refers to the task of the shopkeepers of bringing happiness to Colombians through their labor, but it's also an invitation for the common people to see life with optimism, bringing out the best in everyone. This syllable inspired an emotional and encouraging message, which brought out a smile in Colombians and the strength to move forward with optimism, remembering their special experiences with these businesses.

    We also aimed to have a message that looked completed different in its production. In several cities, we recorded advertisements for these businesses –the closed doors, the empty streets– with a deep, unusual voice guiding the tour. We created a 60-second video to be broadcasted in national television's prime time and in digital channels from the brand's official account.


    people reached
    positive reactions
    As a result of Ría's broadcast, Colombina received invitations from other brands to participate in activities supporting the association of traders and the acknowledgement of thousands of people that appreciated this bet on hope amidst such a difficult situation.

    We reached 800,000 people in less than two days of advertisement with more than 100,000 positive reactions. On YouTube, the video's retention of 100% was very good, accomplishing 46,643 full views in less than a week. In spite of lacking a Twitter account, we found out some users had uploaded the video using #Colombina with positive comments for the brand and validating the target message.
    As a part of the strategy, after a day of advertising spots on TV, we implemented a 500-people survey in order to assess the brand's perceptions and favorability, finding out that 98% recognized the spot as a part of Colombina's brand and not another brand. The spot caused empathy and hope in 93% of the interviewees. Regarding the brand's favorability, it achieved 4.51 on a 1 to 5 scale.
    In the digital field, we implemented a deepening strategy with 40 and 30-second-subtitled versions, improving the video's total views and reaching more people across the country for two more weeks.