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    The world has grown faster and as the global economy expands and comes together, markets increasingly require local responses. We have seen a major shift towards differentiation among consumers, professionals and clients.

    Professionals are looking for new ways in which to work. They want their individuality to be recognized. They give the best of themselves when they have the freedom to grow and dream along with other people.

    Fortuitous encounters generate new, unexpected results. People need to share their spaces, they need to feel that they can develop fully and share that development with others. No technological solution can replace the magic that occurs during a meeting of minds.

    Clients require agile, flexible, committed companies. They need responses that are effective at a local level and they need them quickly to meet the demands of an accelerating world. They don’t have time for bureaucracy or slow organizational processes. They are looking for companies with an entrepreneurial spirit that adjust to meet the needs of the client, companies that can produce effective content quickly and flexibly.

    Untold_ is made up of five companies specialized in different fields of communications led by professionals with extensive experience in their sector. We organize work teams specially designed to meet the needs of our clients, bringing together experts to provide the services that the client requires for each project.

    Untold_ is a new way of organizing communications companies to provide what clients need: comprehensive solutions that create value for their brands in the era of flexibility.


    consolidates positive ties between its clients and their key audiences, providing public affairs and strategic communications consultancy.


    integrates research and big data to develop strategies that help its clients reach their objectives.


    Actionline approaches every contact intelligently and strategically, regardless of the communication channel our customers have chosen.