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  • About Untold

    Untold_ is an ecosystem of creative and communication professionals offering integrated, tailor-made solutions to each of its more than 200 clients.

    It was born to rethink communication services within the industry to answer clients’ need for agile, flexible structures. Its central premise is that no technological solution can replace the magic of two people meeting each other.

    Untold_ comprises a team of more than three hundred professionals who think and work together, combining their experience and knowledge to provide differential solutions to clients where they most need them. Our work transcends geographical and disciplinary borders by applying local knowledge and a regional approach.

    Led by Darío Straschnoy, it has offices in Miami, Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Lima.

    Untold_ brings together the teams of seven communication companies to deliver the services that each client requires, where they are needed:


    Agora helps its clients thrive in the reputation economy.


    Fogdog works to create meaning in businesses, brands and people through strategy.

    The Juju

    The Juju creates ideas that connect brands with consumers.


    Quiddity helps its clients understand their audiences and improve their businesses.


    Actionline generates results based on three pillars: people, data analytics and innovation.


    Jolie is a collaborator who works on communication with a 360º vision, creating a PR strategy according to each context.

    Woods & Trees

    Woods and Trees brings together the talents and capabilities in the Untold_ ecosystem in an integrated Media solution.