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    Untold_ was created based on a certain intuition: that today professionals need independence and freedom. Independence of rigid and bureaucratic structures and freedom to think, to create, to grow. Untold_ was created as a space to meet face to face, where professionals from different communications areas cross their paths daily because in those encounters synergies arises and new things happen.

    Untold_ is an independent communications ecosystem, where independence is not only for the main groups, but is also present at every level. Professionals belonging to this ecosystem share a DNA of initiative and curiosity and are passionate about their careers. It is a regional ecosystem because the belief is that today communications don't respect borders, and integration between cities and countries is critical.

    We have created Untold_ because we wanted to work in a new company model. We believe that the best conditions appeal to the best professionals. And we know that companies are only as valuable as their people.


    Untold_ : Untold challenges, Untold dreams, Untold possibilities.

    We’re looking for creative people who think strategically and are interested in conceiving new and relevant work as part of a team, people who are open to a future full of possibilities.

    We’re always learning. We’re looking for superlative professionals, not so we can tell them what to do, but so they can tell us what we should be doing.

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