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    Supporting health professionals

    Red Cross

    Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, health professionals have been severely affected. This was not only due to the hard work they must carry out every day, but because many of the doctors and nurses that fight against Covid-19 on a daily basis have been abused, attacked and even threatened at their own homes and through social media by people accusing them of spreading the virus.

    The work of health professionals entails much more than caring directly for those who become infected with the virus. They must also protect the health of the population through activities involving education, prevention and advocacy. With the goal of supporting their essential role during these difficult times, we joined the Colombian Red Cross in addressing the challenge of raising awareness among the Colombian people, for them to understand that rejecting medical professionals is not only wrong, it is also a threat to public health. This was a major challenge with a low budget, and had to reach the population in just a few weeks.

    “El mundo está al revés” (“The world is upside down”) is an awareness-raising campaign that seeks to call people’s attention to the importance of medical professionals and their fundamental role in the pandemic. This idea involved displaying all the headlines in newspapers, public spaces and digital environments upside down, to convey the idea that harassing doctors was “topsy-turvy”.

    The media team created a precision strategy by combining geolocation and the use of keywords to better channel the campaign and therefore achieve the highest impact. The purpose was to reach all those surrounding the medical professionals and people who in one way or the other shared their daily lives. We targeted areas around hospitals and clinics and also those who showed interest in the pandemic on the internet.

    In one week, we were able to raise awareness by becoming relevant and combining a good idea with an assertive media strategy:

    • USD 200,000 in non-paid media, with the most important media outlets in the country and hundreds of regional ones.
    • 2,300 mentions on social media in two days and millions of Colombians reached.