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  • Broadening brand conversations on innovation and sustainability



    Untold was tasked with reinforcing the brand’s pillars through a communications solution that broadened the company’s conversation with its diverse audiences.

    Neoenergia’s involvement in all areas of the Brazilian energy sector gives the company a complex spectrum of stakeholders, including investors, 34 million clients in 14 Brazilian states, and the press. Untold_ was the agency chosen to create and structure the brand narrative and its multimedia content, increasing the brand’s exposure and the divulgation of its actions and values, establishing a new parameter in the way the brand liaises with its audiences.
    A multidisciplinary team of nine professionals located in four Brazilian states, the agency developed an editorial platform for multimedia content.


    The definition of the company’s narrative was established jointly between the agency and leaders in the communication area, in harmony with the brand’s pillars. Untold_ structured the multimedia content considering the localization and the multidisciplinary profile of the professionals on the project, following the communication goals, creativity and data analysis.

    The narrative that Untold_ defined with leaders in the communication area set out guidelines for content creation, allowing a coherent, consistent conversation with the target audiences while increasing rates of access on the company’s news page and broadening its presence in the media.


    Between March and July 2020, 70 pieces of content were produced, including 7 videos, 8 GIFs, 10 cards projects, 12 graphs and 3 cards. Between March and July 2020, the total of page views of “Press Room” content grew by 1,300% in relation to the same period in 2019. The “Communication Room” registers the highest reading times on the company’s website. Publication of multimedia content in leading sector media and national media.
    All the brand’s narrative pillars were considered in the content, as well as the company’s audiences, including investors, media, suppliers, internal audience, customers, staff, regulatory bodies and environmental bodies.
    We broadened brand conversations on issues involving innovation and sustainability of great relevance to Neoenergia.