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  • Accelerating results by using data intelligence for customer relations

    One of Brasil's largest retail companies
    Data - CRM


    Our client raised the need to increase the sales volumes of Private Label credit cards for one of the group's brands, by operating within the prospect portfolios of the company.
    In today's retail segment, one of the great challenges is how to promote a product or service that everyone already has. In these cases, it is essential to show delivery capacity and quality to stand out from the competition.


    After the careful identification of stakeholders and together with a highly experienced team specializing in outbound operations, the next step was to develop and identify variables to build propensity to purchase algorithms. This detailed procedure sought to boost commercial performance by building more productive ties with consumers potentially prone to purchase.

    We developed a fully customized solution by formulating a predictive algorithm based on socio-economic, demographic and behavioral data, and using the most advanced Machine Learning techniques on the market.

    In a Sales Project that that involves a multi-channel approach, the major differential factor is to act before actual contact is made with the client. The prior Planning and Data Intelligence work only reinforces the work and multiplies the results achieved by the operational area. In this case, the use of sales-focused Business Analytics was a determining factor for the success of Active Attention.


    Sales productivity
    This project is considered the best example of Business Analytics integration with operational management and technological innovation developed for a strategic client within the ecosystem.

    Sales productivity increased by 126%, thanks to the shift from a random contact system to one focused on intelligence, with performance optimization and technological innovation, and where our operational work fully addressed the client's strategy and objectives.

    Furthermore, important insights were identified regarding the socio-economic, demographic and behavioral profile of the target audience, which accelerated the growing trend in results and allowed the client to strengthen its value proposal.