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  • The wine that left its mark



    To design a campaign for a new product launch that packs a punch on a highly competitive market and conveys the brand's DNA.


    Our creative teams and Brand PR & Advocacy agencies working closely on a campaign that racked up views on social media and sparked organic interest in traditional media outlets.

    As part of the campaign, we asked two highly tattooed local celebrities (Candelaria Tinelli and Evelyn Botto) to make public appearance without their tats, “erasing” the tattoos from their bodies with cover-up before the tattoos “reappeared” on the wine labels. Before the campaign, we did extensive metric and performance analysis to ensure we would reach the desired target on social media. We also wanted to ensure that these two women would faithfully represent the essence of the brand and product and spark enough interest for media outlets to report on the event.

    The campaign started with a public appearance by Botto on her radio program Perros de la Calle. The moment was captured on Botto’s official Instagram account and on the program's social media accounts. Radio personality Andy Kusnetzoff also shared on his account. A few hours later, Tinelli posted images of herself tat-free with her sister Micaela on social media. Both got the attention of audiences, who began wondering what had happened to the tattoos.

    In order to keep the conversation going, we called on three influencers who specialize in celebrity coverage: Juariu, Pablo Agustin and Chismes de Ker. We invited them to be part of the brand launch with contents on Instagram, TikTok and X, drawing more attention to the mystery of the missing tattoos.

    After plenty of media coverage and interactions on social media, Tinelli and Botto shared the brand label where their missing tats were on full display, putting the mystery to rest.

    All participants were asked to share the campaign on their social media accounts, telling the story behind the brands that make them unique and sharing the launch of Ö-61, a wine that emphasizes the importance of self-expression.


    The campaign resulted in over two million interactions on social media, sparking a conversation around tattoos, the stories surrounding them and finally, the new product.
    Twenty-two of Argentina’s leading media outlets provided organic coverage of the brand activation, including Infobae, Clarín, La Nación, Caras, Pronto and Para Ti.