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  • Relaunching boxed wine



    Wine is one of Argentina's most widely-consumed products, and the supply of boxed wine is constantly increasing. However, unlike in other countries, in Argentina, there are prejudices about the quality and origin of boxed wine.

    TetraPak wanted to relaunch the concept with contemporary messages transmitting safety, quality and care, stripping away the myths about boxed wine.

    From myth to reality,
    from embarrassment to pride.


    We studied the category in partnership with the National Institute of Viticulture. Based on this data, we set robust goals aimed at reversing the negative perception of the quality of boxed wine, highlighting the safety of its production and consumption. In the search for new consumers and audiences, we also created messages to create a buzz about the different moments and formats of boxed wine consumption.

    We developed an integrated communication campaign with an always-on strategy to consolidate the messages through product ambassadors. In addition, we segmented the campaign messages oriented at each key audience, setting the communication channels for each audience to meet the campaign goals.

    The campaign was mainly communicated over external channels, including media advertising, branded content, product placement, free press and hiring influencers who helped to amplify the message.


    4,5 M
    Online reach
    15 M
    Offline reach
    1 M
    Impressions on Twitter
    We worked with 20 influencers who helped us to broaden our message to different audiences, reaching over 4,150,000 users and generating an average engagement rate of 4.45%.

    We used product placement on the most popular food shows on TV, which allowed us to organically create over 40 articles in the media, reaching over 15 million people and over 1 million impressions on Twitter.

    The campaign took on a life of its own when a group of renowned, young wine experts from Mendoza, inspired by the campaign, held a survey to measure approval for drinking boxed wine, with positive results.