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    For the commemoration of International Women's Day, where every brand wants to send a message, we wanted to make our contribution and approach this from the purpose that truly moves us: making cities a better place to live. And this includes a more equitable city.

    The city of Buenos Aires is full of names of people who made history, mostly men. To make a more equitable city, we wanted to tell the story of those women, on the one hand, and, bring their stories to the streets.
    Of the 2,068 Buenos Aires streets, only 6% have a woman's name and in most cases, we don't really know who those women were.


    We decided to tell the story of these women, whose name appears on these streets but whose history we ignore. And we gave a presence to other women in the streets, who currently do not have their names but have made a great contribution to the culture, science and history of our country.

    We gave women the place they deserve with real actions: we intervened in the streets of the city, invited more women to be behind the wheel, and created chapters that told the lives of women who currently have their names on streets, but whose stories remain unknown.


    8,4 M
    30 M
    We gave a voice to the stories of these women. On Social Media, our reach was + 8.4 M; we obtained + 30 M reproductions, and only on Instagram we achieved an organic Engagement Rate of 6.4%, widely exceeding the category average.
    At a business level, we organically achieved:

    + 12% app installations.
    + 15% active users.
    + 20% users who booked a trip