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    The Juju, a member of the Untold_ ecosystem, arrives in Colombia


    Untold_ has opened a new office for The Juju in Bogotá, Colombia to develop and implement ideas and strategies for all formats.

    The Juju is led at regional level by Darío Straschnoy while its Director of Operations in Bogotá is Juan Pablo Rocha. “Clients are becoming increasingly flexible and their needs are always changing, which is why I believe that it’s time for independent agencies to react in a rapid and creative manner,” says Rocha.

    Andrés Norato, General Creative Director of The Juju Colombia, adds: “The most exciting thing about opening offices in Colombia for an independent network like The Juju and the Untold_ ecosystem is that you start to realize that clients are open to creative concepts with different approaches and we’re the ones who make that possible.”

    The Juju is consolidating its regional presence, offering an ever greater array of services in Latin America. The Untold_ network has a market presence in New York, Mexico City, Bogotá, Medellín and Buenos Aires.