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    Untold_ relaunches its media unit under the name Woods & Trees


    As part of its transformation, the media company has changed its name to Woods & Trees. The company is led by Agustina Militerno in Argentina, Vladimir Tiuso in Colombia and Andrés Briceño in Peru, and has top-tier clients such as Tetra Pak and Ifood, among others.

    Woods & Trees was born under the premise that the industry is constantly evolving and brands are looking for more dynamic and flexible companies that can be real partners in their businesses. Also, in an increasingly competitive world, it is key to focus on forests and trees in order to be successful. In other words: it takes creativity to create the stories that connect brands with consumers, strategy for these stories to be successful, and data to know when to deliver the content, to whom, and on what platform. Each of these aspects is vital in its own right, but they must all work together to be successful. Woods & Trees works in the convergence of these elements.

    The main goal of the company is to leave a mark in every field, helping clients to leave their own mark with consumers. As a company of the new generation, Woods & Trees seeks to challenge the unattainable nature of the major players and the tactical aspects of small ones.