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    Regional Contents and Strategies, The Juju and Fogdog’s 2020 Proposal


    The Juju, the independent advertising agency and Fogdog Estrategia, both part of Untold_’s ecosystem, held their first regional meeting in Buenos Aires in anticipation of 2020, with the goal of strengthening regional growth with the presence of The Juju in Mexico City.

    Darío Straschnoy, Untold_’s CEO, together with Juan Pablo Rocha, General Director of The Juju Colombia, Andrés Norato, General Creative Director of The Juju Colombia, Adriana Pineda, Director of Fogdog Colombia and Matías Asencio, Director of Fogdog Argentina, and part of their teams, participated in the regional summit.

    The focus of the summit was the growth achieved during this year, which included the opening of The Juju and Fogdog’s offices in Colombia. The successful arrival included the participation of both agencies in different campaigns for Bogota’s 2019 Mayor Elections, as well as the onboarding of great accounts such as Bogota’s Metro, the city’s largest urban mobility project, Fundación Social, Coldeportes, Blum Organics and AEI, among others. In Argentina, Fogdog Estrategia also started working with important brands such as Skip, Gatorade, Rapipago, Absolut, Arcor, Topper, and Pilsen (Paraguay).

    The agencies concluded that their distinctive feature today is offering a service that combines data with storytelling, in order to contribute with differential solutions for clients based on an assertive interpretation of their needs. In this regard, the proposal is to make use of that data giving potential to ideas.

    “At Untold_ we aim at integrating the different areas of creativity, data, strategy and contents under the same umbrella, so as to offer concrete and comprehensive solutions based on good ideas, which at the end of the day are the foundation to everything,” explains Darío Straschnoy.

    For 2020 The Juju and Fogdog plan to keep on growing and adding new projects in Colombia, Argentina and the entire region.