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    Darío Straschnoy, CEO of Untold_, was recognized for his long-standing career


    Darío Straschnoy, leader of Untold_, was honored for his successful career in the industry and is now part of the exclusive list of members of the Effie Argentina Hall of Fame.

    The tribute took place during the Effie Argentina 2022 award ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires. After a video featuring his colleagues, friends and family praising his talent and enthusiasm to work, Dario took the floor to acknowledge this recognition: “I have always believed that, in life, we should all have a dream: a job, a sport, an NGO, something that makes us want to get up every morning. My dream is and has always been related to ideas: ideas regarding communication fascinate me, they excite me, and when there is a good idea, I desperately want it to be seen. That’s how it has been, and how it still is today, and it’s good to be recognized for pursuing my dreams and doing what I love. Thank you very much to all”.