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    Untold_ adds Actionline to its ecosystem and expands into Brazil


    Untold_ is expanding into the Brazilian market and strengthening its presence in Latin America by adding Actionline, a company that will offer a greater array of data analysis services and implementation of public relations campaigns within the region.

    With Actionline, Untold_ is expanding its capacity to meet a wider range of its clients’ needs. Actionline shall work with the different teams in the ecosystem to provide a greater array of data analysis solutions, a key tool very much in demand among brands today.

    As Actionline is based in Sao Paulo, a sixth city shall be added to a network that already includes Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City, Medellín and New York.

    Untold_ thus continues to provide fully comprehensive regional services ranging from content creation, data analysis and creativity to planning and strategy implementation tailored to suit each of its clients’ complex business needs.