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    Untold Expands into Europe and the United States with its Regional Public Affairs Firm Agora


    The Untold_ communications ecosystem, founded by Dario Straschnoy, is expanding into Europe through its public affairs division Agora and a strategic alliance with BOLDT, IBEX Partners and the Summit Strategy Group. It will also offer clients services in the United States through IBEX Partners and the Summit Strategy Group.

    The company, which already has a direct presence in the markets of Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, is consolidating its global reach by adding new European and American clients.

    “We are glad to be part of this network which will allow us to continue developing in the US and Europe with extraordinary professionals,” said Santiago Lacase, President and Partner Argentina, Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications.

    Untold_ is a network of different specialized communications firms that in addition to regional consultancy in public affairs and strategic communications, offers strategic, research and development, creativity, strategy and digital communications services to its clients.

    Through this global alliance, Ágora will be able to increase the scope of its services, adding value through some of the most experienced communications and public affairs professionals in the industry who can offer strategic consultancy and impeccable, results-oriented execution across the globe.

    This partnership will provide clients with a global support network that can meet a wide range of needs. Michael Law, Cofounder, IBEX Partners and CEO and Founder, Summit Strategy Group adds: “As the world’s largest communications agencies hit the reset button, clients remain interested in top talent that can scale quickly across international borders. We stand ready to support current and future clients as they navigate global markets.”