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    Eugenia Slosse

    Business Services Director

    Eugenia has been in the field of advertising for more than twenty years as a team leader executing communications campaigns. She has worked for a wide variety of products and services including Unilever, DirecTV, Banco Galicia, Danone, Jumbo Retail, Movistar, AB Imbev, and Shoppings de IRSA, among others. She spent much of her career working
    alongside Darío at Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires where her role as General Director of Accounts was key to the agency’s success. She also headed up the new business department and in 2014 joined the Untold_ team. Eugenia has won the Jerry Goldenberg prize for her performance and was named a Woman to Watch (Advertising Age) as well as winning several awards for the different agencies for whom she worked.