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    Matias Asencio comes to Fogdog


    Matias Asencio has joined the strategic consultancy Fogdog, which forms a part of Untold_. Regarding the role, he says: “The premise is simple but ambitious. We want to make Fogdog a leader in strategic thinking at both local and regional levels. To achieve that, we’ll have to work very hard, listen, commit ourselves and be profound, uncomfortable, flexible and simple. Most important of all, we must ensure that our solutions are doable and don’t languish as PowerPoint presentations.”

    Matias has worked for several different agencies, firstly as a creative and latterly in strategic roles. During that time, he worked for brands such as Young & Rubicam, La Comunidad, Ogilvy, Ponce, Madre Buenos Aires y La América, Quilmes, Almundo, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Paty, Gallo Snacks, YPF, Axe and Rexona, helping them to reposition their strategic thinking.

    Darío Straschnoy welcomed his arrival: “Over a decade has passed since I first met Matias. At the time he was a copywriter at Young & Rubicam but he is now a distinguished strategist. His talent, discipline and ability to transform brands have all developed remarkably and he is exactly what we need right now. This is great news considering everything we hope to build in the future.”