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    La Nación Publishes a Regional Study of Corporate Reputation and Regulations Prepared by Quiddity


    On 11 June, the Argentine newspaper La Nación published an article on a regional study on “Corporate reputation and regulations in the region” carried out by Quiddity, Untold_’s research arm.

    The study, which focused on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, established the level of trust of citizens in different sectors, national and overseas companies, small businesses and the quantity of regulations for each economic activity.As the article noted, “Argentine society clearly feels alienated from the world of business. At least, that is what can be discerned given the general high levels of mistrust displayed towards the majority of economic sectors. In this aspect the country differs from Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, and has a direct impact on the degree of regulation in each of the economic sectors.”According to the study “the average level of trust across the economic sectors is 41% in Argentina, 52% in Brazil, 58% in Mexico and 62% in Colombia.” 3663 people were consulted across the four countries in an online survey.

    La Nación also quotes the opinion of Luis Costa, the Director of Quiddity, who says that “Argentina is ‘clearly’ the most critical market. The difference between Argentine society and neighbouring countries is very clear and offers a lot of material for analysis. There isn’t much evidence of Argentine businesses trying to communicate with society: business is on one side and the people are on the other. There’s a large gap between what each group thinks.”

    The full article can be read here