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    Introducing Untold_


    We are pleased to introduce Untold_, the ecosystem of creative and communications professionals that Darío Straschnoy started to build in early 2014. With offices in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota and Miami and almost 50 clients in the region, Untold_ is made up of Carlos y Darío/The Juju (advertising), Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications, Quiddity (market research), Fogdog (brand consultancy) and Carlos y Darío Studio (digital communications).

    Untold_ arises out of a firm belief that companies must create welcoming environments in which to work, that motivated professionals will go further when they feel comfortable and that sharing spaces generates unpredictable and productive exchanges. And that no technological solution that can replace the magic that happens during a meeting of minds.We are called Untold_ because that is what we deliver: an untold number of exchanges, opportunities, stories, possibilities, dreams and ventures.

    “I created Untold_ to meet the challenge facing communications companies today. The world has grown faster and as the global economy expands and integrates new markets it requires local solutions. There is a great shift towards differentiation: in consumers, communications professionals and also clients. I left Young & Rubicam because I felt that traditional groups couldn’t offer the right solutions to their clients and that the only option was to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch,” Darío Straschnoy explains.

    With a presence throughout Latin America and an enterprising, enthusiastic and committed team, Untold_ offers its clients comprehensive communications solutions with high added value. Untold_ continues to grow.