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    Data + Strategy + Content, Untold_’s new concept for the digital world


    The communications ecosystem created by Darío Straschnoy presents a new company to be led by Agustina Benedit (Data), Matias Asencio (Strategy) and Seto Olivieri along with Sebastián Zuddio and Alejandro Stea (Content).

    Explaining the new initiative, Darío Straschnoy says: “At a time when everyone is talking about the need to integrate and work together as part of a single process, Data + Strategy + Content seemed an excellent way of putting theory into practice and finally transforming a concept into reality.”  

    Interpreting data to construct maps of consumer behaviour, predicting the potential success of the launch of a new product in a specific area or anticipating different consumers’ openness to new concepts makes it possible to create detailed strategies and ad-hoc content that connects with people directly because right from the start they were conceived with ‘Who wants what’ in mind.

    Seto Olivieri, Ale Stea and Sebastián Zuddio stated the following: “We’re all sitting here because we know that joining this ecosystem is a great opportunity. This new, comprehensive concept, with its digital core, will allow us to build from solid data and create content that moves and influences people. The entire focus is on generating business results because, as we well know, that’s what matters in the end.”