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    Alejandro Álvarez appointed the new Business Director of Untold_


    Alejandro Álvarez is to join Untold_ as Business Director, working together with Darío Straschnoy to develop the group. Alejandro’s role will be focused on innovation at a regional level and especially on enhancing the digital profile of Untold_ and its member companies.

    “I’m very excited by the challenge we have ahead of us. Untold_ has an excellent mixture of professionals and a culture that encourages the conception of genuinely original ideas. In today’s environment, focusing on the digital world is a core part of that growth,” said Álvarez.

    Álvarez has more than 20 years’ experience in advertising with a particular focus on the digital sphere. He has been CEO at RPA Media Place, worked on advertising programming for the Grupo Clarín alliance, Infobae, La Nación, Perfil and Telefé, and as Commercial Director for Google, where he was in charge of the commercial team for major accounts. Previously, he held roles specializing in innovative advertising at Pramer and La Nación.

    “We’re very happy and excited at this new addition. Alejandro can provide us with an overall view of the digital innovation we need to continue our growth,” said Darío Straschnoy.